5AP1130.0702-C02 panel is blurry and color is not displayed properly

The text has gone blurry and background colour is not displayed correctly. This is the old panel, Had been working without any issues until recently.

Hi Syed, can you share with us picture?

Hi Jaroslav,

Thanks for replying.

Please find OneDrive video link of b & r hmi that came with the machine.


Syed Agha

because security reason I can not open the link. Sorry. From my experiences, I would say if the problem was not there recently then it is very likely hw issue. If is it PC + panel, then you can try to check cable for video signal. Unplug, clean and plug again or exchange it…If is it panelPC (so Pc and panel in one device) you can try take it a apart, clean contacts and put it together. Otherwise contact local office Australia | B&R Industrial Automation and ask for repair.


I was able to open the video on my private device and made 2 screenshots, see below.

It looks definitely like a hardware issue of the screen panel or the connection between screen and video device, so like @kovarj said: if possible, please check the video signal connectors, if that doesn’t help the device needs to be repaired / exchanged.

Best regards!

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