6D: Loading zone stuck in busy state after creation

Hi guys!
We are getting familiar with the load/unload functionality and have bumped into an issue with the load functionality.

The zone is created without issue but seems to get stuck in BUSY state.
Using the AutoZoneClear functionblock spawns an error. -1065803776.

Attached is a screenshot which I hope will give you an overview of the relevant function blocks and the parameters used to configure the zone.

Would be grateful if anyone with experience of the load/unload functionality could point us in the right direction.

Best regards,

at first I’d suggest to use latest mapp6D release. With V1.8 is same reported error fixed (AH4.12 Guid 06a08c00-9d87-4125-bcef-c9a4a73be580). With V1.9 is added new mode for FUB
BR_MoveInPlaneAsnyc_Acp6D (AH4.12 Guid f1646582-cb77-4767-96e3-553b928b0ad2)

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