ACOPOS Error 64001

Hi all. After some re-power one of the Axis has Error 64001, " ncalloc in slower task class than defined for NC Manager Task". Nobody change PLC or servo programs. We can’t find any description or Cause/Remedy of this Error. This Error is reseted by reinitialization of machine, but then appear again and we can’t reset it.

Hello Denis,

Error 64001 is an older error code that is from AS2 and can’t be found in the AS4 help or online help. This error is typically a result from incorrect cycle times or task class in the Automation Studio project. Below are some properties to check in the project and possible solutions.

  1. Verify the correct value of Powerlink cycle time (CPU > Properties > Timing). The original setting for the Powerlink timer is 1200 microseconds.
  2. Change idle class cycle time to a multiple of system timer value.
  3. Change idle class to cyclic #2.
  4. Verify ACOPOS > NC Configuration > Task class for NC Manager task.

If no changes were made to the project prior to the error occurring, then another issue in your system may be triggering this error. Are there any other errors or warnings in the logger or alarm list?


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Hello Ryan,
Thanks for reply. We’ve solved the problem - some acceleration parameters from HMI for one of axies were set to zero. So when PLC tried to save parameters to axis, it led to to cycle times error.