Add client certificate to Power Panel

I have a mappView configuration with HTTPS protocol and a SSL certificate. When I start the panel a warning dialog appears. It seems that the communication is not protected. I noticed in the panel settings there is the possibility to add a client certificates but I when I connect the USB stick whit the certificate, the panel doesn’t recognize the certificate. Can someone help me to understand how import the certificate? I hope this will solve the issue with the untrusted network warning.

I guess it is an PowerPanel T-Series?
According to the automation help, the file format .p12 is necessary.
See here: B&R Online Help

Hi @tobias, yes the series is a T-Series. Thank you, I didn’t notice that a .p12 format was required. Do you know if is possible to export the certificate directly from AS with that format?

Hi, I have this on my TO DO list. I would like to create article for that. But no time at the moment, so would be happy if anyone will do it :slight_smile: What I know.

  • you need for Image Versions < 1.6.0 a CA certificate, self signed does not work. Beginning from Image Versions 1.6.0 you can use also self signed certificates

  • self signed certificated created by AS 4.12 does not work. This is going to be fixed in AS 6

  • this procedure using openSSL tool works for colleague of mine

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Hallo @c524853 ,

unfortunately at the moment, if you refer to the help, the help directs you to import a .p12 format. The certificate that is created by Automation Studio is in .cer format and is not recognized by the T-series panel.
Please refer to the uploaded image for the OpenSSL commands

Using these commands I was atleast able to recognize the certificate within my T-series panel.

The LX image version greater than 1.6.0 provides an option of simply ignoring the certificate warning if I understood correctly from the release notes.

I would kindly recommend to use the OpenSSL commands on a linux server if you can avail one and refrain from internet websites because the conversion of certificate format requires an export password and eventually generates a key which could be at a danger of being exposed.

I hope this helps !