Power panel 4PP035.0300-01

First of all ,your support is highly appreciated
I have power panel 4pp035.0300.01 and i have cable RS232 where one terminal is 9 pin and other terminal is usb
The question is how can i establish a successfully connection between LAPTOP and power panel ?
As when using this cable and automation studio v4.2 i can not make connection and error appeared.

The product physically connects to the PC with an RS232 to USB converter.
Power Panel <— RS232 to USB —> PC
RS232 interface
The Automation Studio attempts to establish an RS232 connection.

You need to know the Baud Rate, Parity information of the device in advance.
Below are the default settings, which can be changed by the developer.

Set up serial connection on Tools/ Online Settings
Serial connection

Can you share your error message?


I can contribute the following addition:
As long as the control is in RUN mode, the settings of the serial interface are determined by the user configuration. These settings do not have to match the default settings. If you just want to read out the logbook, you can also do this in diagnostic mode. In diagnostic mode, the default settings of the interface are guaranteed.

Use the PP035 HW number switch to start the panel in the diagnostic mode:

RS232 Default Settings

Depending on the application, I would have some additions.
What is your usecase?


Thanks for your support.
The following steps were executed:
Change the mode of the two rotary switch to 00
1-from Online>>>setting>>>serial >choose com and the others are default such as baud rate…etc.
then connect and save.
2-from file>>>new project>>give name of project>>next
3-choose identify hardware configuration online, then click on identify hardware.
4: error 4808: no connection with PLC available
If there is any suggestion, I need to enter online and check some inputs in program.

In your first step, did you try “connect” on online/settings?
If the connection is successful, you can view the connection status information in the lower right on “Status Bar”.
If it doesn’t connect, can you check again the parameters and wiring?

connected sample in Simulation via Ethernet connection.

not connected

PVI 4808 error description like as below:

Thanks, sir.
I have two ports in the device, one for RS232 and another for can. When I connect to port RS232 and change the mode to 00, an error still occurs. Is there any setting made for PC? And if I need to use Ethernet instead of serial, which port connects to it where There is another cable, 9-pin female, and the other side, RJ45.

i do not want to interrupt this discussion, it is a long time ago I used RS232 connection last ime. But I remember that if all settings was correct and connection was not possible anyway, then usually problem was cable itself. Just tip what to check more.

I am sorry but a PP035 does not support Ethernet. The online communication is plain RS232 only on such old devices.

Furthermore you need to know the settings (in terms of Baudrate, parity and so on) which the downloaded project uses as this needs to be set within Automation Studio.

If you set the node switch to “00” then you can use Automation Studio to “download in Bootstrap loader mode” the used AR version. Please note that you will not see “RUN” or “BOOT” mode as the BTL mode did not give any feedback to AS. After downloading a new AR the device will have 57600 Baud, Even parity, 1 Stopbit

EDIT: Please note that downloading a new AR version will result in a “cleared” PP035 - this means the application is deleted. If you do not own the original project then the machine will no longer work