Power control 4pp035

By using automation studio v2.7 and try to connect with power control 35 but no connection establish ,i will show the steps that i make and your suggestion is highly appreciated
1-connect cable RS232 with the pp35 as show in picture 1
2-connect the other cable usb terminal with com3 in laptop as show in picture2
3-open automation studio v2.7 and from tools choose option and choose serial and port as show in picture3 and 4
4.from Pc and open device manager choose com3 properties as show in picture 5
5-from automation studio …click project …choose new project .named it and click on upload hardware from target …as show in picture 6
6-click next
7-status bar of hardware upload in progress stop in this position and canot complete upload
As show in picture 7 and 8

Hello Mohamed,

I can’t see it clearly in the picture 1, but could it be that both mode switches SW1 and SW0 are set to zero?

If yes, the Bootloader of the system is active.
That means that only a operating system can be transferred to the Power Panel. In this mode, a normal online connection is not possible (no communication for hardware upload, no transfer of user software, and so on).

Can you please:

  • change the mode switches to a number that is not 00 and not FF
    • for example SW 1 = 0, SW0 = 1
  • Power off the system, and power it on again (changes at the mode switches are only getting recognized after a reboot)
  • try again to get a online connection / hardware upload like you’ve shown above

For explanation:
The mode switch setting 00 and FF are reserved for special purposes:

  • 00 activates the bootstrap loader mode - a “special protocol” is activated inside the PLC which is only capable to get a new operating system transferred and flashed.
    • this mode is needed e.g. for initial flashing a operating system, the online settings of Automation Studio does not have any function, only the function “transfer operating system” function can be used.
  • FF activates the diagnosis mode - the system boots into a “failback mode”, where a normal online connection is enabled but the user code is not loaded and no transfer of code can be executed
    • this mode is needed for deeper diagnostic of the system in case of a fatal error

Here’s a diagram that shows the boot-up behavior of a PowerPanel 35:

Hope that helps!
Best regards,

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Thank you very much sir,
Your support was helpful and already online communication has been established successfully
Thanks alot

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I’m glad that I could support!

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