APC2100 power led/green blinking error?

I have an APC 2100. Currently, APC can’t start when power ON, I saw that:

  • Power led blinking red/green
  • Cfast led: no signal

I searched in manual. It said: “Faulty or incomplete BIOS, MTCX or I/O FPGA update, power
supply OK” / “Faulty or incomplete BIOS, MTCX or I/O FPGA update, standby mode (S5: soft-off mode or S4: hibernation/suspend-to-disk

How can’t i solve this problem. Thank you guys !!!


which of the two is it? green, with red flashes. Oder red with green flashes?

It could be, that the powerbutton was pressed, and now the APC is in “sleep” mode…?

Is it an embedded system, or is there a Windows/Linux on the APC?
you could try connecting to the APC via Ethernet or plug in a monitor to get more information on the error

if it does not boot when you press the Power button you can not rule out a hardware fault. I would recommend to disconnect all periphery devices (USB devices, Cfast cards, …) and try again. A defective device can block the APC from booting.
If it does boot and the Power LED is blinking as described in the user manual / help then most likely, as described, an update (MTCX, IO FPGA or BIOS) has gone wrong. In that case you need to perform the update again.
Please see the description in the download packages on how to perform it.

Maybe you could post a video so that we would see the exact behavior of the LEDs?

Here is video of this issue. I think red/green time is same same.
I tried swap this Cfast to an other APC and still working OK. No Cfast problem


I’m not 100% sure, but the video does not look like one of the blink codes descibed in the help.
Because one column in the blink code help represents 0.5 seconds (see screenshot below), but in the video it looks like that the green LED is on for “some seconds” (about 5 seconds), and then the LED turns again red.
From the video it looks more a bit like that the system tries to boot (those around 5 seconds), finds “some problem” or have some issue with the power, and performs automatically a shutdown…

Do you have any more information about the software used in this APC, like asked already from Stefan?
So is it “PLC only”, a pure Automation Runtime system? Or is Windows / Linux on the system (also)?

And have I understood right:
the same CFast in a different (but comparible) APC boots without any issue?
In that case, unfortunately it points more into direction of a hardware issue of the APC itself. What happened before the issue came up the first time, anything special like “software upgraded”, “unwanted powerfail”, … ?

Best regards!

Correct sir.

It is APC of Mettler Toledo C3570 Machine, sir

No special happened when the first time issue came.
→ So It may be cause of hardware in APC, right?


I can’t say it for sure to be honest, but yes, at the moment for me it sounds like a hardware issue with this APC.
So if you have a spare APC availiable in the exactly same configuration, I would recommend to exchange the machine’s APC using the same CFast card to see, if the behavior changes.

Best regards!

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Hi, I agree with @alexander.hefner on this. You never can be sure from distance but looks like a hardware problem of the APC itself.