APC3100 Forced Config Flags

How can the Forced Config Flags be cleared on an APC3100? This section seems to be missing from manual, I tried looking through the documentation but can’t find any mention of these flags. Also went through the B&R Control Center, but it doesn’t seem possible to set or clear these flags from there either. Setting “Optimal Defaults” doesn’t clear the flag either. The flag also persists after updating the BIOS and MTCX.

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Forced flags are BIOS settings which are pre-defined by the device configuration and cannot be changed by the user. They occur when specific configurations warrant specific BIOS settings to be used without which they could not function.

  • Device ordered with Automation Runtime > Forced Flag: Realtime Environment = Enabled
  • Device ordered with RAID enabled > Forced Flag: SATA Controller Mode = RAID

I’ll send you a direct message with more information about.
But again please note, that this settings were forced in production because of the APCs order configuration, and deleting or changing those settings will (maybe) lead to disfunction of the devices specific task it was ordered for!

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