UEFI RAID Configuration APC3100

Is it normal, that I have to set BIOS setting Boot Type to UEFI Boot type for the Intel Rapid Storage technology option being available in Device manager?

Only changing the SATA mode from AHCI to Intel RST premium with Intel Optane did not do the trick.

Hi Martin,

I haven’t tried but it looks like that’s right.
Depending on the boot mode, the access to the RST RAID Utility seems to be different.

  • Entering the RAID setup utility like it’s shown in your screenshot needs UEFI to be active (UEFI Raid setup)
  • If you use legacy boot, the RAID setup utility looks and has to be used different, and has to be opened after BIOS POST with <CTRL+i> (Legacy RAID setup)

Thanks Alexander,

I am aware about the different tool for UEFI and Legacy mode.

But I nowhere found any information that it is necessary to set the boot type to UEFI. So I was wondering if it is normal or my PC was not behaving properly.


ah okay, I’ve got it wrong :smiley: - my conclusion for my own was more or less “showing the UEFI utility makes only sense, if UEFI boot is activated”…
… but you’re right, I also found nowhere a hint about it if this conclusion is right.

I checked my APC3100, and the behavior is the same - so, at least I can confirm that it’s not just your PC.