B&R mapp view and siemens PLC S7-1200 communication


I’m new to B&R mapp view application.
I tried to communicate between S7-1200 and Mapp view using OPC-UA but communication was not established. I used an ethernet cable between the PC and PLC.
Is there any other way to communicate between S7-1200 and Mapp view?
Does this need any OPC-UA software like the Kepware OPC server?

Thanks in advance.

@akoshti, you have to configure OPCUA server using configuration file. This is described here B&R Online Help


There are some limitations you need to be aware of.
Please take a look at the documentation here Siemens OpcUa lmitations

Can you share how you set up the communication between mappView and the S7?

We also have a Technology Solution called CYV that could help you with the communication configuration since the address format Siemens is using is a bit odd and you can’t browse external OpceUa servers.

The same Technology Solution can be used with a KEPserver centered solution.

@marcel.voigt maybe would be great to create complete share info & ideas article about this topic with some nice example :slight_smile: