ChronoLog / ChronoTrend Backup

Hello community,

reading through the documentation i was wondering: Is there a way to automatically create backups of the ChronoLog database to an independant device, for example a NAS, without stopping any service or shutting down any system component?

What if a cookie manufactory wants to have a browsable history of all cookie production parameters and needs to have these backed up with zero downtime to a device that is not the runtime server? Is there a solution from B&R for this or maybe some 3rd party alternative that has proven to work this way?

Looking forward to reading your ideas on how to set this up :slight_smile:

Cookie Monster

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Hi Cookie Monster,

Short answer: yes, absolutely possible

  • create a share on your NAS (e.g. NFS)
  • mount this share onto your runtime system(s), using mount/fstab
  • this way, you have a location you can move your backed up data to
  • the ChronoLog data is located in /home/aprolsys/APROL_DATA/chrono*
  • Since ChronoLog Containers and ChronoTrend Containers require different handling, please refer to Chapter D4 - Backup and Recovery in the APROL documentation of your release or here for the current documentation online
  • at last you can move your backups to the NAS share

Finally, to make the moved data accessible in TrendViewer and in Reports, there is a specific entry in the configuration of the apache Webserver, which handles those requests.
This entry is basically a list of directories and is called ARKPATH.

  • add the mount point of your NAS share to this list, see also the documentation here

The automatic part is mostly done specifically for each project since the different ways available are quite many.
Simplest way is to use a bash script in a cronjob.

Hope this helps.

best regards


Hi Hannes,

wow, such good news and a detailed answer!
It will take time until i get to set this up with real equipment, but i shall use that time for delving into this.
This did help!

Thank you and have a great weekend!
Cookie Monster

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Hi @Cookie.Monster ,

It looks like you got some good answers from Hannes, and it has been a few of weeks since the last activity on this post. If the answers helped you with your question, can you help the next person with the same question by marking the solution on the information which helped you the most. If you still have open questions on this topic, can you provide an update?