CNC Axis QC Position at MpCnc4Axis FB

I am using MpCnc4Axis FB and MechSys_4AxCNCXYZC mechanical elements.
The Axis QC works between -180 and 180 degree.
But i want to it should work between 0 and 360 degree.
How is it possible ?


Thank you!


I’m not sure if what you want is to change the axis limit of the axis QC, if so then it can be changed on the axis declaration

set it to the desired form

Change to the limit you want, external, internal…etc

And then change the limit

If your limit is external, just change the limitset file

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Thank you very much for your answer Wenbo,

But what I mean is not exactly limiting.
The QC axis, which is a rotary, goes in the positive direction up to +179 degrees, then continues at -179 degrees and goes to 0. In this way, it shows position value between [-179…+179].

Actually the position value I want to see is [0…359].
Is there a setting so I can see it this way?


The setting which is responcible for the behaviour of the C-Coordinate is the “TCP-Orientation” Used / NotUsed in the Mechanical System MechSys_4AxCNCXYZC.

See AS-Help.

If you want to have the Influence of the Frames active there is no way to change the Displayed Positions, because it simultanious activates shortest way. If you deactivate it it should show the normal Positions like Axis QC.

You can use simple math to alter the Position before you display it in HMI.
If you need a Modulo for LREAL you have to use it from the c-Language via Library-Function, its currently not direct availabe in ST.