Communication problem with X20SM1436-1 for Stepper motor

Hello Community,

I have a problem with the module X20SM1436-1 and a stepper motor. I follow the B&R tuto, with mappMotion. But I have the problem with the communication.

My CPU is a PC910 with hypervisor.
My X20SM1436-1 is after a X20 Bus controller Powerlink (X20BC0083)
My X2X is at 400µs my Powerlink is at 800µs (I try to put both at 800µs, but not work).

My problem is the “Communication Ready” is not stable. I saw this with the cockpit … see the image :


We trie to change the firmware, the mapp version, nothing …

If somebody have a suggestion, we appreciate …

The Stepper Modules are using the McStpAx Library implementation of mapp Motion.
Timing Requirements for Stepper

  1. See Chapter 3.3.1. Timing Settings of the Guide
    Guide Motion Commissioning for Beginners

  2. Please check that the Module-Ok Data-Point of the SM-Module is stable.

As you mentioned that you sychronised the X2X and PLK, so it will be the SystemTimer, TC#1 Timing or the Delay to end of Cycle setting which is missing?



I’m a colleague of Alexandre

Issue is caused by multiplexed PowerLink Bus Controler.
Works after disabling multiplexing.