Communication with Siemens Power Supply - Manchester Code

Hello Community.
Does anybody have experience in integrating a siemens powersupply to the B&R World?

As I can see from the datasheet the powersupply has a digital diagnose interface which sends the diagnose data with manchester coding. The high and the low level are represented as rising and as falling edge.

Low-Signal = 50ms 24V → 50ms 0V
High-Signal= 50ms 0V → 50ms 24V

I guess we don´t have a module which saves the programming effort to decode the manchester code. Do you agree?

Has anybody created such a decoding task for manchester code?

Thanks in advance!

No, i have never, ever heard about a piece of HW to perform that task in B&R.
As you said code is needed here it is my seed:

For a ‘0’ LOW: the pair is 10
For a ‘1’ HIGH: the pair is 01

Create a task, and run it each 5ms or faster:

IF Bit_Status_Old = 0 And Bit_Status= 1 Then
HIGH //This is what you want

ELSEIF Bit_Status_Old = 1 And Bit_Status= 1 Then
LOW // Seems that the POWER SUPPLY off

//Dont break nothing please!


Bit_Status_Old = Bit_Status