I need a refresher on X20 order codes

Hello everyone,

Can someone give me a quick refresher on X20 order codes? I’m specifically asking since I recently had a case where an X20CP3584 was planned, but an X20CP3684 was physically installed instead. From what I understand, the 5 or 6 represents some kind of CPU generation, with 6 being newer than 5, but I couldn’t find an exact answer to this.

Here’s my understanding of the order code:

X20 - CPU for enclosure mounting
CP - Label indicating it’s a CPU module (CompactProcessor? idk)
3 - number of expansion bays for communication modules
5 - CPU generation (???)
84 - Power level, with higher numbers indicating faster speeds

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, correct in terms of the X20CP PLCs (the newest generation is called X20EMxxxx)

Please note that a CP35xx and 36xx are not compatible and you need to “replace” the hardware in your Automation Studio project


Yeah, i did replace the module in the AS project and it worked perfectly fine. Just wondered if it really is just a new generation or something else as i was unsure about the meaning behind this second number in the order code.

Thanks for clarifying!

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You are welcome and you were absolutly right !

For future reference the X20CP35xx and X20CP36xx model number data can be found at the below locations:

X20CP35xx: B&R Online Help

X20CP36xx: B&R Online Help

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