"Electronic records are checksum-verified and can be encrypted upon export. How to config?"

I found these information on your guidance doc:“mapp Services Compliance Response_V1.6.0_EN”.
The following features are described in the article:

I want to know how to encrypt the "Electronic records “, " be exported in an encrypted *.zip file”,
or What software can we use to know that the report(.pdf?) data has been modified.
Thank you!
mapp Services Compliance Response_V1.6.0_EN.pdf (256.4 KB)


the electronic records which can be checksum-verified are mappRecipeXml files.
As I know, until now only mappRecipe supports checksum verification. Signing and validating the sign checksum can be done by the PLC or by external software.

To see how that works please have a look into the configuration of mappRecipeXml component under “signing recipes”.

The’re also two example use-cases about “signing recipes”:

Recipe files also can be encrypted, encryption can also be setup in the component configuration.
Encryption is also available for some other components like audit or report, normally the encryption is setup in the “export” section of the components configuration. Please have a look here for more information about what components support the encrypted export.

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Thank you very much, alexander.
I will test them.