General Datapoints on SGC CPUs

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For SG4 CPUs, there is an I/O-map for the actual controller. Which contains info like SerialNumber, Temperature of the CPU and such.


I now have a SGC CPU (X20CP0291) and it does not have this IO-map it seems. I cannot find anything in the Automation Studio Help stating that there is no IO-map for the SGC CPUs.

Are these datapoints available in some other channel on the SGC CPUs? Or is it not possible to read the CPU temperature for these CPU-series?

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For the (very old) X20CP02xx series you can use the “HwGetTemperature()” function :



Nice! Thank you Christian!

I guess this confirms that the IO-map is not available for SGC CPUs and using the library AsHW is the way to get the information that is available in the IO-map of newer PLCs.