HART DTM File Error


Please I’m Trying to add ABB 266AST DTM to x20CP0483 with x20AI2438.
I’m using automation studio V4.12.2.93
I’ve installed the DTM and when I add it it gives me the below error:
Error Connecting DTM device ‘ABB_266_PdP_HART’. (The Persistency operation InvokePersistSave() failed!)

A photo from automation studio is attached


Hello Kareem,

I’ve seen a similar error from another customer. Please try upgrading to the latest version of Automation Studio v4.12. For a quick test, you can install the AS Service Pack for v4.12.5. To upgrade to the latest service pack of AS v4.12.6, you will need to uninstall your current Automation Studio version and perform the full reinstallation.

AS v4.12.6: Automation Studio V4.12 | B&R Industrial Automation
AS v4.12.5 SP: V4.12 AS Upgrade ( | B&R Industrial Automation
(Also available through Tools > Downloads)

If the issue persists, please provide an updated full screen screenshot of Automation Studio when the error occurs.


Hello Austin,

Thanks for your response. I’ve tried to both AS v4.12.5 SP and AS 4.12.6, but unfortunately the error still the same. I can’t add the DTM file of ABB to the x20AI2438 module.
Below is a full screen shots of the automation studio.

Note: The DTM file is downloaded form ABB official website.


Hello Kareem,

It looks like a different cause than what I have seen earlier. I don’t believe the HART files from ABB are the issue, and I’m leaning more towards an Automation Studio issue. The next step is to contact your local B&R support office and start a support ticket with the information provided in this post.
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