How can i prevent AS from automatically establishing an online connection when a CPU becomes active?


i have an issue that might be easy to solve but i couldn’t find an answer so far.
Im also relatively new to the B&R Portfolio/AS.

The Situation:
Sometimes after we finished commissioning a machine, we temporarily connect a VPN Endpoint and a 5G Router to the X20 PLC which is already running the Field. This makes said PLC accessible from the internal company network to the people in the controls department. We do this do monitor the first few days of operation and to be able to react more quickly if something doesn’t work as intended.

Now sometimes when im working on a completely different project in the office (said project starts with a template project with online settings already set up), and a colleague installs this remote setup on a PLC in the field, AS automatically establishes a connection to this PLC without me actively doing anything. I then have to manually go to my online settings and press disconnect. But it still scares me every time as i don’t want to accidentally cause a shutdown on a live system.

How can i prevent AS from connecting automatically as soon as a PLC becomes available?

I appended a screenshot showing the AS status bar, online settings and my network adapter settings.

Thanks in advance!

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what you could do:

  1. Unselect “Use in active configuration”
  2. Switch off INA protocoll and use ANSL Authentication without store credentials to connection (see B&R Online Help (

Hope this helps,
BR Andreas Wagner



in addition to what Andreas suggested, it’s also possible to switch off automatic online connect when Automation Studio loads a project or the configuation is changed.

This can be done in the menu “Online → Advanced” by unchecking the option highlighted in the screenshot below.



Best regards!