Why the AS cannot connect to APC910 online

Hi, AS Version:V4.12.5;
I can find the APC910 from the “online setting”,but can not connected.
When i click the button,noting happened.

Can someone help me figure out that how to solve the problem?


is the online protocol ANSL activated in your project, and is it set to port 11169 (both are default settings)?

Can you open SDM? How is the PLC load? If it’s (very) high, maybe you have to adjust parameters for communication timeout in the online settings to get a stable connection.


aside from what @alexander.hefner said, this behaviour can also happen when your pc has same ip address as the APC, please also check your pc ethernet configuration

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Yeah you are right, the PLC load is high,
it’s just my fault,
do you think that i should delate the topic because lack of directive significance?

ok thanks,i will check that.

definitely not. Just mark the reply from Alexander as a solution :wink:



in my opinion, every information is a useful one and could help others in future! :wink:

About the high PLC load: in some projects you’ll have a high PLC load and have to deal with it even without “doing anythin wrong”.
Therefore, I want to mention 2 more things:

Best regards!