How do I get a video stream from my camera through mappview?

I want to add the live feed of the camera into the MappView project,
Does the AS support the RTSP protocol?
with webviewer?
Or other ways?
Can you give me some examples ?
Many thanks!

Hi @jayD ,

we do not support RTSP streaming. Browsers itself usually also not.

From google:
Direct RTSP streaming is still not supported by browsers , if you have to play an RTSP stream in the browser then you need a proxy server that will convert RTSP to HTTP stream

In community:

But you can visualize images, it was already discussed here How to display smart camera images in real time in mappView interface?


if there any ways to get a real time video stream in mappview ?
any suggestion? Jump to a third party?
Pls help me,
Thanks a lot! :grinning:

Into mappView it will be very difficult tbh. From our camera it is not possible, only pictures. Link howTo I already have shared with you. If you have 3d party camera then one way would be if camera would support somehow connection from webViewer. I have no experiences with that, so I can not tell you if this is even possible. I can only tell you that our webViewer is running in iFrame, so this can bring you additional limitation. Functionality of webViewer in iFrame you can test e.g. W3Schools Tryit Editor.

i had a thinking:

Set up an RTSP rerouting server in Windows (RTSP data source →convert through ffmpeg-> video file >index.html web page->mappView webserver)

we will try it!@Jaroslav Kovar thanks!

Hello @jayD,
In one of our projects, we implemented a feature using the Web Viewer widget that enabled a camera to stream live feeds via HTTP (as a secondary streaming method).
Could you please verify if your camera has the capability to stream over HTTP?
As far as I remember, camera was from DAHUA (
Thank you.


i will ask them to buy one for testing,
that’s great to stream live feeds via HTTP!
Thank you again.

It would be nice if you could share more detailed information about you project, thank you!@ Kashyapkumar Patel

@jayD, There is not much to do with project. You will find a URL from camera manual to live stream using HTTP. You just need to assign that URL in web viewer widget.
for example, in my case URL was → Which was defined using iframe as below:

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got it! thank you :grinning: :grinning:

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