How to lock the multi-touch screen of Automation Panel

We had a potential opportunity where the customer asked APC to connect two Automation Panels and display the same machine operation page, but needed to make sure that while one of the Automation Panels was being operated, the other one could not be operated (it could be displayed).

As the APC will run Windows so we browsed help of ADI .NET SDK and found the methods # NativeMethods.AdiLockPanel and # NativeMethods.AdiIsPanelLocked could support the customer’s requirement. But the discription of these tow methods said only signle-touch screen was supported.

But now the customer only accept FHD screen, which PCT multi-touch AP933 can be used do the HMI software compatibility, but the multi-touch screen behaviour was never mentioned in SDK’s document.

So, is there anyone have the experience of this topic? Could the PCT multi-touch screen be locked by this way or is there any other method?


Hi, I have never tried it, but I know that there is so called touch lock. Refer to Maybe it solutions for you.

That’s great.
Thank you for answering so quickly and I’ll test it with this tool right now.

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We downloaded and installed the tool ‘touch lock’ by the link Jaroslav list above on B&R APC (ADI is needed before touch lock installation). Please mind nothing will be added onto desktop or start menu, but the touch lock service, driver and dll file should be installed in Windows successfully. And then, our AdiLockPanel can lock the multi-touch panel AP933!


@zhouj can you create share and info article with step by step description how to make it runs :slight_smile: