How to set PP400 timed screen off operation?

I have a PP400 running AR and I want to set the screen to automatically turn off after 5 minutes of no action on the screen. After operation, the screen automatically lights up and resumes. Is there any way to set this?
The hardware I use is 4PP450.1043-K05.


I don’t think it’s possible by a setting only, but it could work as combination of some settings in the vizualisation in combination with some lines of code in the following way:

  1. Use the Screensaver function inside your Visual Components 4 visualisation
  2. as screensaver page, create a black page with a hotspot (invisible button) covering the whole page (needed to get the “click” on the screensaver page)
  3. use the VA_SetBacklight() function to switch off / on the backlight of the PowerPanel

If the screensaver Page get’s active after the configured timespan, VC4 changes the page to the screensaver page.
With the datapoint on the screensaver page, you can determine in your application if the page ist active → then, switch off the backlight with the VA function above.

When the screensaver page is touched, the application gets this information from the hotspot button datapoint. Then switch on the backlight again with the VA function above.

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the screensaver is a parameter in Visual Components.


Hi @powolnyp,

it’s a long time ago since I last used VC4, I wasn’t aware that backlight switching is also part of the VC4 screensaver functionality - great, thanks for posting it!!

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Thanks for the help very useful

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