Issue with B&R power panel T30

B&R power panel T30 switching off after an alarm is Raised after a logic of my plc , i have troubleshooted also with the real hardware , In my test bench it work but for the client they have problem of getting shut down after an alarm of the plc logic .

Thank you

HI Arun, please share with us more info. Do you use T30 for mappView or as a VNC client for VC4 or…? Switch off, does it mean browser/vnc client restarts or complete hw switches off? Can you see any error message on T30 side or in the logger of PLC? Is it project in development, can you return to previous version of the sw? Usually, if I understand your problem properly, the cause of the behavior is that your visualization is to complex for this hw. So you have to simplify it.

Hello Kovar , thanks for the response , I will try to reduce the complexity of the visualization and give a try

Thank you .