Latest AS 4.12.6 as upgrade?

will the latest version be offered as upgrade?
until now its only available as full install …

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The latest AS 4.12.6 will only be offered as a full install due to some cyber security related issues requiring a full clean installation to fix them.

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Btw: the download/install of 4.12.6 triggered some malware warning on my site. I got a call from our IT dept and we are now scanning the PC …

Now with AS 4.12.6 installed I often get certificate error when installing updates:

Is it a known issue? Can the updates be installed anyway for now?

I can acknowledge that for the AS4_LIB_MTBasics.exe i see the same behaviour.
If you press Start Installation, Windows will ask you if you trust the installation and you can continue if you want.

A clarification like this is not up to the community. Its a behaviour which has to be clarified by regular B&R support, it could also be a potential cyber security topic.
Can you please set a request to you local office.