Let mapp-database config more easily

Hello everyone, i think that we can do a lot of things using AS.
A scada including Analytics and Control, Energy Management …
Even more , by the way ,It’s a pity that “orangebox” is no longer available and allowed for development. it’s usefull.

Anyway, about the mapp technology, the mapp-databases are not very user-friendly, and the steps for linking databases are a bit unintuitive,
not like aprol , the GUI of SQL is good to use,

So i want to ask if you can improve the mapp-database OR add the example to the mapp framework.
It will be helpfull to develop programs.

I donnot want to use aprol just because the C/S architecture, and the mappview is great.

If you can add a example to the Mapp Framwork about the mapp database,

That would be a great help.
@ Brittany Langston

Hi @jayD, thank you for the suggestion! At the moment we are focused on creating a version compatible with the upcoming mapp 6. Once the dust settles from that, we will consider implementing a framework component for mapp Database!

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