Looking for replacement B&R 4PP035.E300-36

I have some customers looking for this B&R 4PP035.E300-36 part but this is an obsolete part and has not been found anywhere so is there any possibility of giving a good replacement to our customer?

Hello Krishna,

There is no direct replacement for the Power Panel 35 so replacing this unit will require some effort. One possible option is to get a 4.3" C30 in combination with a X20 bus receiver and X20 digital and analog I/O modules. Keep in mind that if you replace this unit with anything other than the 4PP035.E300-36 the customer will have to do program changes.



Hello Krishna,

the 4PP035.E300-36 has the LifeCycleStatus: “Obsolete (legacy)”

This is therefore a hardware that could still be repaired. For a cost estimate or a repair, the customer can send the PP35 to B&R Repair Department:

B&R Industrial Automation GmbH
B&R Straße 1
5142 Eggelsberg

B. R. Stefan

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