Mapp Framework

mapp Framework


mapp Technology is the overarching term for the ready-made, modular software products at B&R. This technology enables you to implement complex or tedious features (such as a recipe system) with just a few mapp function blocks and configuration settings rather than creating it from scratch with PLCopen.

The mapp Framework takes this one step further and provides a universal starting point for mapp Services and mapp Axis. This even further reduces the amount of application code that must be written by the application engineer.


The mapp Framework is freely available on GitHub here. The latest installation .exe can be found in the Releases section.

Available Components

The mapp Frameworok is currently available for the following mapp Technologies:

  • mapp AlarmX
  • mapp Audit
  • mapp Axis
  • mapp Backup
  • mapp File
  • mapp PackML
  • mapp Recipe
  • mapp Report
  • mapp UserX

Both a mapp View and VC4 front end are available, as of version 1.4.


Each mapp Framework component contains the following:

  • Logical View task(s)
  • Configuration file(s)
  • Supporting documentation within the Automation Studio Help

You are free to individually select the framework components that you want to add to your project.

The Help pages are available after installing the Framework at the following path:
“mapp Technology” → “mapp Framework”
These pages identify what is included in each Framework and any changes that are necessary to properly embed the Framework to an existing application.

IMPORTANT: Every mapp Framework Help section has a page titled “Required Modifications”. The steps on this page must be executed in order to get the Framework into a functional state!

YouTube Tutorials

Short tutorial videos for each framework component are available on the B&R YouTube channel.

Requests and Bug Reports

If you have a feature request or need to report a bug in the framework, please create a new post here in the community using the mapp-framework tag! The framework is an open-source resource, which means that bugs should be reported here rather than to the 1L support teams.



You’ll never guess what the mapp Framework team got you just in time for the Holidays…

A new release! Merry Christmas and Happy New ease of developing!

Version 1.5.0 is here!

Head over to our GitHub for complete details and revision history on the latest and greatest release.

As always user input and requests are much appreciated and encouraged!


Thanks for the BR Framework team, it helps us a lot!
look forward to release more (:slight_smile:)