Build Version Framework

What Is It?

Often we’ve seen when working on machines, no one can confidently say which version of code is running on a machine. No one knows for certain “did I transfer last? Did this bug fix get applied to the machine?” This is a problem that gets exponentially larger the more people that have access to transfer to a machine. So, we created BuildVersion to help combat that.


BuildVersion is a tool that pulls git repository and PC version information automatically and adds it to a project to display in an HMI. It is added to a project using the Framework Import tool added to Automation Studio when you install the mapp Framework. Once added to your project you can then use pre-build standard mapp View widget to display the relevant information on an HMI widget



How to get it

Download the .exe from the releases page of the GitHub Repository.

Note: to use this installer you need to have the mapp Framework already installed.

Once installed, it can be added to your project through the Framework importer under Tools → Framework Importer


Documentation details can be found in the offline AS Help:

Separately, if you’d like to look at the individual repositories for the two components (the buildversion task/script and the buildversion mpView Widget library) can be found here and here.

Reporting Bugs / Feedback

For bug / feedback reports, please use the GitHub repository to report them here.


This is a brilliant idea! :wave:


Love it :heart_eyes:

Is there a reason, why you didn’t include the “dirty” information? In my opinion this would be a helpful information if you build and transfer manually (not as part of a pipeline). How would you ensure that everyone commits all changes before building and transferring to target?
Additionally it would allow you to highlight this deficiency on the HMI. Like this, people would ensure that such a build is never shipped…

Hi Emanuel,

Do you mean the uncommitted changes, or something else?

For example, '5 files changed, 14 insertions(+), 11 deletions(-)'.

We include a boolean flag called ChangeWarning set true when uncommitted changes are detected during a build.

We also include an option $OptionErrorOnUncommittedChanges to force the build to error if uncommitted changes are detected (this is off by default).

Let us know what you’re thinking of and we’d be happy to consider it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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:face_in_clouds: Sorry, didn’t see that. But you name it, that’s perfect :star_struck:

We’ll definitely use that in our future projects! Thanks a lot for sharing!

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