MappUserX - admin rights for creating and editing users

Hello all,

I am in the process of implementing MappUserX.
According to the documentation and also what I can tell from my testing, only a user with administrator rights can create or edit other users.
I would like to offer our customers the possibility to create new users, but I didn’t really want to give them administrator rights.
My question now is, what effect do administrator rights have? Wouldn’t almost every user role then need administrator rights?
An supervisor for example would need administrator rights to create an operator user.

On the other hand, I don’t use MappView and I’m not sure how practical the MappUserX library is for me.
I can use the functionblock MpUserXManagerUI to create, edit and delete users, but then I have to set the variables for confirming and cancel dialogs in the code, which sometimes feels like a workaround.
Does anyone have experience with MappUserX without MappView?

As you already found out, administrator rights make it possible for a role to edit the users. You always need administrator rights to create users, unlock users, reset passwords… This is also the only thing what administrator rights in context of MpUserX really do, so it doesn’t affect any other access, such as OPC UA or other mapp components.

Your use case is quite common and can be solved by using Administrator rights and the level. Administrators can always only create and edit users of a lower level (or same) role group. So a configuration could be like follows:

This means that a ShiftLeader can create new Operators, but he cannot create new Service or Developer users. Service users can create new Operator and ShiftLeader users…

If you want, that a ShiftLeader can also create other ShiftLeader users, then you can set the general setting Edit users with same user-level to TRUE

Without mapp View, the main use case would be the older VC4 visualization, for which the MpUserXManagerUI function block was specifically made. I would say that there are also advantages when not using one of these systems, e.g. the password rules… But there is no general answer for this.

As a small hint: If you do not want to use confirmations… in your UI system, then you can disable some confirmation dialogs on the MpUserXManagerUI.UISetup configuration input.

Thank you for the quick and detailed answer! :raised_hands:
I will implement the roles in a similar way to what you described.
Thanks also for the hint about the setup, I’ll try that out.