MappUserX usage of "Access Right" in mappView visu

Hi community,

I’m searching for help about “Access Right” of MappUserX, as I understand it’s for give some permissions (up-to 20) on roles.

The question is how I can use it in mappView application, mappView widget “permissionOperate” and “permissionView” are role based.

Here is an exemple of what I have in URS role for my RBAC application:

This list of roles is like permissions in my application.

So we have predefined users for our clients, for example :

The client has possibility to duplicate thoses users to create his users.

As I understand of UserX is that my roles could directly be my “pre-defined” users and “Access Right” could be my actual roles, if I’m right how I can use “Access right” in mappView ?


Hello Florent,

maybe these help pages can help you:

B&R Online Help ( Managing permissions

B&R Online Help ( Limiting visibility and operation

Don’t forget to configure read / write access to your OpcUA variables:
B&R Online Help ( OPC UA Authorization

I hope, that you can find some information in these help topics. :slight_smile:

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Hello @Simon_Stoll,

Thanks for you anwser, these are things I already use without MpUserX in my application.

The question is more about “Rights” in MappUserX role configuration (screenshot from MappServicesHighlights):


What’s the usage of those “Rights”, I would like to use them as “Permission” for functions of my application.

If you take my original post, can I convert roles in my screenshot to “Rights” in UserX ? Like this I can avoid usage of pre-defined users.

Don’t know what these settings are for.

I do all the permission settings in OpcUa and content editor.

Hi Florent,
take a look at this:
B&R Online Help (

If I understand correctly, when using the Rights in the MappUserX configuration, you have to read them out in your application and then lock your visualization pages/buttons accordingly.

Although, for that to work the user has to login using the application itself and not the MappView visu. (Explained here: B&R Online Help (

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Hi Tim,

Thanks for this answer!

That’s my bad I didn’t see in the help that “Rights” are for Application session.

So I cannot use them easily using Visualization session and changing for Application session in my case will be a bit large thing because I can have 6 mappView session at the same time.

Thanks again for this infos :slight_smile: !