MappView + Linux - Server connection lost issue

What could be the reason for server connection lost issue.

Is that related to Linux or application, how to diagnosis issue.

The logger should have some more details as to why the server connection is lost. Can you please share it here? Make sure to check the boxes to display all of the logger modules (by default sometimes, it will only show System entries, which won’t include the relevant mapp View entries). Alternatively you can save the System Dump.

Is the connection intermittently lost, or are you unable to successfully connect at all?

Hi Vinod,

one issue we had recently with linux was that date of client was set to year 2073. Before preCaching we had error “Server connection lost”.

Maybe you find some information in mappView logger.

That’s true, but how to identify reason for time change.

We didn’t found out why the date was so far in future.

But normally we use ntp time synchronization and use PLC as time server.

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