C50 terminal mapp view "server connection error"

Hello all,

I have a C50 terminal using mapp view and after 3 or 4 days it loose the mapp view connection. the message is “server connection error”; the PLC continue to work normally but in order to reconnect to the mapp view server i have to reboot the panel. The logger stopped recording also when the mapp view client is not working. Attached the images of the terminal error and the only errors that I have in the logger on that date.
What could cause this problem??, it seems it’s always random after more than 3 or 4 days…


Thank you in advance!

Hi Luca, I think you will need to get in contact with local support team. As far as I know the root cause of the error message is, that the client gets no valid connection to the mapp view server, when it is starting with the first call of registerClient. It can be problem of mappView server as well as bug in browser. So from my point of view must be investigated by support team. PS: you can try to use ‘’ instead of ‘localhost’ in the URL.


Hi all, as I am experiencing similar behaviour is there any news on this case?

A bit late with my 2 cents but this could be caused by a time drift between client and server. The OpcUa checks the timestamp of a request and if for some reason the server considers the request too old it’s possible that the connection is interrupted/ended.
Different time zone settings can also cause this but that would be the case right away not after 3-4 days.

Hi Peter, By now, I have updated the LX version of the terminal to 1.2.0. Before it has the 1.1.1. I’ll update the post on Friday to tell if it has fixed the problem

I do not think that this is hw problem. Do you have same LX image install? Any other change in sw or AR, mappView version etc?

Yes, it’s the same software without any changes in mapp view and the same AR (I4.93) and firmware HW version (1.1.8). It’s a 4PPCC50-070210A

And LX image? https://www.br-automation.com/en-gb/downloads/software/automation-studio/ppt-upgrades/v47-lx-upgrade-ppc50/

It has the version 1.1.1

I would recommend to update. is the latest one, you will get newer linux image and newer version of chromium browser.

I’ve updated the terminal LX version. After this week I’ll update you with the news. Thank you very much


The problem didn’t reappear. As you wrote, by updating the LX version.

Thank you very much!!


Hi Peter, I have updated the LX version of the terminal with the last one and the problem was solved for me.