MC_TouchProbe Instruction

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Do you have any experience using this instruction?
and what use can be given to it?
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Hi Noe,

In my application, I move a laser sensor connected to the TRIGGER1 input and I detect with MC_TouchProbe the position of the rising and falling edges. Once the operation is completed, I know the position and the length of the different elements (ON and OFF).

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Hello @novi

This function block saves the axis position when a specific trigger event occurs.

The required parameters are transferred to the drive on a rising edge of the “Execute” input. Once all of the parameters have been transferred, the process of waiting for the configured trigger event is started.
When the trigger event occurs, the “Done” output is set and the saved position is output to the “RecordedPosition” output.

The absolute position value is output in axis units.

For periodic axes (“Base type” = “Linear periodic” or “Rotary periodic”)
The position value is not converted into a periodic position.

For non-limited axes (“Base type” = “Linear” or “Rotary”)
When moving in the positive direction, there is an overflow from +2147483647 to -2147483648, and vice versa when moving in the negative direction.

For example, you can capture a regmark with this function block and calculate an offset to your system according to the position differences you get here.

Hi Jean-Philippe.

Thansk a lot for replay and share your experience!

Hi Hakan.

Thanks a lot for your explanation!

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