MpUserX check user level

Is there a way to get a user level for a Username/Password pair without actually logging in?

For example:

UserLevel = MpUserCheckUserLevel(Username, Password);

Hey Josh @c159699 ,

yes there is, not exactly the function you are looking for but the MpUserXManagerUI function block returns the information about a selected user without being logged in.

This solution would only work if you are using MpUserX.

The other option that should work is the ArUserGetProperty from the ArUser library


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Are MpUser and MpUserX both Apis to the ArUser library?

MpUser was implemented first as a separate user management system for mappTechnology without connection to the runtime.
When the runtime based User and Role System, URS was introduced including ArUser, MpUserX was created to work with the URS but maintained most of the features and configuration elements of MpUser.
I hope that makes sense.