Implentation of Import/Export in Mapp UserX


I want to implement Import export functionality in MpUserX, I have added MpUserX, MpUserXLogin, and ManagerUI function block. But still I am not able to find how I will be implementing it. It would be great to have some steps and important things for the same.


as MpUserX uses the functionality of the AR integrated user role system, you could check the functionality of the ArUser library.
The’re function blocks inside named “ArUserExportEx” and “ArUserImportEx”, which may meet your needs.

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another option is using the already mentioned ManagerUI function block. In the UIConnect structure which is linked to the input of this function block you have a dialogue for import and export. Using those dialogues a file is imported or exported.
How the import / export does work is configured in two places:
The UISetup (also part of the ManagerUI function block) is used to configure file device and file extension. And the MpUserX configuration is used to configure what exactly should be imported / exported using the parameters “User Import Mode”, “Role Import Mode” and “Unchecked Import”.

Here you can find some further information about import and export.

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Hello @bhaglanid

if you are looking for a fully implemented sample for back and front end check out the Mapp Framework an open source community driven framework project providing many functions and features like the one you are asking about.

mapp-framework mapp-userx

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