Import Possibilities in MpUser and MpUserx

Hello All,

I need some help in the possibilities of import while implementing MpUser. Below mentioned is the situation I want to deal with. Please let me know for the solutions.

I have implemented Import and Export functionalities in one of the projects. Now, the requirement is that I should be able to change the exported xml or usr file and when I import the file the changes made on the xml or usr file should reflect their.

By this I am getting an error for importing. I want to know the process for this to achieve the requirement. Please let me know ASAP.

Hello Dev,

There are a few conditions for modifying a user file for import which are documented at the AS Help Link below. Mainly, you need to have UncheckedImport = TRUE in the MpUserX configuration and mark the user as external with the Ext=“1” flag in the import file. I can’t be more specific because you haven’t specified the error you are receiving, and what conditions/actions you are taking.

MpUserX: Import Externally Created Users - B&R Online Help (

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