RFID based User login working with MpUserX library

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Do we have a solution for "User login via RFID device with MpUserX "?

Please let us know if it is working anywhere.



until now (mapp 5.x) you need some additional effort by your own application to realize it (how to do it in detail depends on if the user should also be able to login by password instead of RFID tag, or if the RFID UID number can be used directly as the users password, and also on the security needs of the application).
As I know, with mapp 6.x the complete integration of RFID based user authentication into UserX will be available.

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Thanks You for the response.
We had already tried with existing functions, but not worked and now the customer wants as below:

  1. There should be a function block using which we can log any user in directly by receiving the token from the RFID card.
  2. User should remain logged in till card is present.
  3. User should log out once the card is removed (i.e., token is not present).
  4. We should be able to assign token while creating the new user by presenting the card to the MMI.

So please let us know is this requirement is available or not?

And please also let us know when this complete integration with mapp 6.x will be available for our customers?

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as I understood, the usecase you describe is not possible only using mpUserX functionality, wether in V5 nor in V6.

In V5, mpUserX is not able to login a user by a tag, this will be extended as I know in V6.0 which comes together with the first release of AS6 and AR6.
But the handling of reading a tag, detecting a if a tag is present or not, will not be done by mpUserX or any other library around the userrole system (as I know).

As I’m not in the office the next days, I can only give some general hints how I could be solved:

  • assuming you’re using a B&R RFID reader directly connected to USB port of your PLC, you need the libraries AsUSB and DvFrame to communicate with RFID reader. Doing this cyclic, you should be able to detect if a tag is present or not, and if it’s present to read UID from the RFID tag.

  • To use the AR userrole system, you always need a dedicated username and password. And to automatically login a user by application, you need access to the username and the password later on.

    • If your usecase does not have those parameters, you have to derive it in some way in your application from the RFID tag’s UID
    • for example the easiest but most unsecure way is “use the RFID tag as username and password”, or “use the RFID tag as username, and also calculate a password out of the tag”, or “generate a random pasword, use it as password and store it also (encrypted) to the user specific property”.
  • depending on how you want to implement the last step, use the ArUser library function blocks or mpUserX to create the user in the userrole system (ArUser has some more parameters/functions acessible than mpUserX as I remember, but I’m not completely sure right now which ones differ).

  • use mpUserX to login / logout the user from application (mpUserXLogin), depending on the RFID tag state from the first step.

Hope those information helps a bit,
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Thank You for detailed reply!

Previously the team worked a lot on this you mentioned but result was not as required.

So, the customer now needs just a Function Block that can fulfill their requirements directly.

So as per your reply, I hope this may be possible with New AS6.

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Automation Studio 6 Engineering sample is possible to download as well as respective mapp version. So you can check the functionality there.

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Yes, I will try with it and update.

Thank You.

Adding to this,

We need this function as per Euromap-65. Please find it in the attachment herewith.
EU65_1.1.pdf (41.3 KB)

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Hello team,

Please let us know if this function for “EU65” is available with MpUserX library.
Is it in use anywhere?

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