Multiple EtherNet/IP Connections in Automation Studio

In Automation Studio, is it possible to have multiple connections to one device through EtherNet/IP? Help file leads me to think it’s possible but I can’t find how to do it. I navigated every section I could think of and also tried doing it using a Generic Module instead of the EDS file.

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You can have only one (1) Exclusive owner (EthernetIP implicit connection with inputs and outputs) to any EthernetIP adapter. You can have multiple Listen-only connections (Class 3 implicit connections with inputs only) to an EthernetIP adapter. The connection type can be changed in the Adapter Device Configuration (DTM) on the Connection page. Your top, horizontal red circle changes the dropdown to select Listen-only (currently set to Exclusive-Owner).

This is done to prevent contradictory output commands from multiple scanners, while still allowing another scanner to read information from the adapter.

Thanks for the prompt response @austin.carpenter !

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