Multiturn encoder axis init position offset (Bias Position )


MappMotion kullanıyorum. Sistemimde multiturn servo motor var. Enerji her açıldığında enkoderin başlangıç pozisyonunu daha önceden girilmiş olan sabit bir değer kadar ofsetlemek istiyorum. Bunu nasıl yapabilirim .
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hello Harguc,

Not sure if I undestood correctly what you want to do, but if what you want is to home an axis with an fix value instead of 0, you can either configure it in the driver configuration of your acopos and at the homing configuration write the desired position.

or you can also do it, by code, the easiest way would be MpAxisbasic, on the homing type you can change the home position and also different available option of homing.

Best regards

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Hello Harguc,

the homing mode that adds an offset to the absolute encoder position is “Absolute” or “Absolute correction”, the value in “Position” is used as the offset for these modes.

The mapp Motion homing modes are explained here: mapp Motion homing modes

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