P3 no reference pulse ENCODX_LINE_CHK_IGNORE


I’ve got a P3 with option card to connect 3 incremental encoders. I’ve got incremental encoders with only A and B, no reference pulse. After powering on the axis i will get the message -1067377791 : Incremental encoder: Cable disturbance track R.

As remedy the help is giving:
If the encoder does not support reference pulses and they are not necessary, then the reference pulse monitor can be deactivated by setting bit 1 of ENCODX_LINE_CHK_IGNORE.

But no clue where I can find this, can somebody point me in the right direction?

I assume the 8EAC0151.00x-1 card is used.
With a P3 the extra incremental encoder is always linked to ENCOD2 of the P3 Channel.
This means ENCOD2_LINE_CHK_IGNORE has to be written with value 0x00000002.
In mappMotion this is possible with a Channel feature.

With ACP10 the acopos parameter table can be linked in the deployment table.