Using a 8LVA.B1 or 8LVB.1 (LVA or LVB motor with B1 encoder) with P3 drive

When using the smallest 8LV motors, the only endat encoder option is B1 currently. The B1 encoder is a battery-backed encoder. The ACOPOS micro has a battery, but the P3 does not not. When using this motor with a P3, the system will give an error each boot, that it has low battery and therefore lost its multi-turn value.

To clear the error, ParID 719, ACP10PAR_ENCOD_CMD must be set to 1 after boot to reset ACP10 error 39006 EnDat alarmbit - position is faulty

Be carefull not to write with ENCOD_CMD cyclically. The EEPROM can only be written about 100.000 times. See also AS Help

Battery warning can also be disabled. To disable this: ParID 727, ENCOD_LINE_CHK_IGNORE = 0x20 (bit 5 has to be set)

To conclude:

  • Set manually ENCOD_CMD = 1 every restart, because monitoring is always active during booting.
  • If you have warnings in the logger also, you can clear these by writing ENCOD_LINE_CHK_IGNORE once.