Power controller 035 parameter saving

In PP35 ,When entering the parameter ,it did not keep the last parameters and this occured when power off and on again .I changed the battery with anew one but the problem is still.
What is the cause of this problem?
Your support is highly appreciated

What exactly do you mean by this? retain variables? have you configured it as a retain? share with us print screens of your configuration to better understand your problem.

As Jaroslav indicates a “normal” variable does not keep its value if you powerfail the device.
Only retain or permanent variables keep their value. This must be set in the variable declaration dialog in case of retain variables or in an own dialog in case the variable should be permanent

When entering the parameter through Hmi

I guess you do not have an original project, so no one can tell you how parameters are saved. You have already changed the battery, so you have done all to fix it. I think you have to contact a company that delivered this solution to you and ask for service.