PPC80 Power Panel Turns On In Runtime Mode: N/A

Hello again,

A PPC80 panel was programmed and sent to replace a similar panel that was having problems. Once it was installed and started, Runtime shows as in mode N/A. Does this mode mean that Runtime is not in a mode? If so, how does the panel go into that mode?

Hi Zachary. PPC80 is hypervisor system. During start up ,have you seen any error message from hypervisor? If you connect using AS to runtime, is it AR in RUN mode? is it project downloaded?

It appears that the project was lost somehow, as when the project was reinstalled the panel started normally. I am not sure how the panel lost the program that was on it, but that seems to be why it did not start correctly. I do not know exactly what error messages came up as I was working on it remotely using pictures and a connection to a local PC.

this is weird. Program can not be lost. More likely it was not installed properly.