Problem when transferring a mapp view visualisation to the panel 5AP1120.0702-000

Good morning, everybody:

The reason for this question is that I am having problems transferring a mapp View visualisation to my existing panel.

I don’t understand what the problem could be, given that with exactly the same configuration, on the same computer where I have Automation Studio, I activate the simulation, I click on transfer and when I search for “” in Chrome, the HMI that I have created using mapp View opens immediately.

However, the same does not happen when I try to transfer it to the 5AP1120.0702-000 panel. I use an ethernet cable to connect my PC where I have AStudio and the panel (to the ETH1 port). I try pinging and there is indeed communication between the two devices. I then transfer the program, but when I search in the panel’s Chrommium web browser for the same address as on my computer, it tells me that the site cannot be reached.

I share an image of the different program configuration to make it easier to understand.

Could anyone tell me what the problem might be?

Thank you in advance.

if you want to dowload program to panel pc, you have to disable simulation first, then you have to connect to real hw using ip address and then download project. mappView client connection will be then In the logger you should see information about that mappView server has started…if not then there will be error message from mappView server.

if you want more help, share with us printscreen from logger. You have to activate/select all loggers.

Hi Alejandro,

it looks like you are using a Hypervisor, since you have a PPC with a Display. You are using Chromium, so I guess a Linux GPOS?

The “Ethernet” Connection between your GPOS and the AR is not the same as the Connection between your PC and the ETH1 Port.

Im not really sure, but either you can just put in the chromium, or you need to have a look at the bridging between GPOS and AR and input that adress.

This is what I found in the AS-Help 4.12:
GuID: 391fc940-0639-4e21-bea7-09835b282c87

If you are connecting from GPOS, you do not need bridging. Just use IP address set in EthInternal. So two options, from GPOS using EthInternal. From your PC directly to ETH1 and use connection I have mentioned in my previous post.

Hello again Jaroslav:

First of all, thank you for your quick response.

I have try just the way you told me but I´ve not achieve to open the hmi on the Panel web browser. Here you have a printscreen from the logger. That´s the only warning message it appears related to mapp View.

Thanks for your response.

Ok this is not the logger. This is output window with messages from compilation. You have to obviously enable OPCUA server by the way. But this is not the reason why you can not connect to mappView server. For opening logger, you have to connect with Automation studio to the target and select in top menu option OPEN-> LOGGER. Once your are connected with your AS to the target using ETH1, try to establish connection to mappView server using from any browser on your local PC or open sdm in browser using, there is also option to see logger. If this is running, you can return to browser on your panel and try connection using ethInternal.

Default IP address set for EthInternal is, so mappView client from panel browser should work using , but this you have to double check in your project configuration and you can also try ping command from panel OS to AR.

Sorry, at first I went to send you the Logger, but when I loaded the programme and transferred it again, the tab was empty.

Once I´ve connected with my AS to the target using ETH1, I´ve tryed to establish connection to mappView server using from any browser on my local PC and I was able to see the HMI. As this was running I´ve tried the same on my panel using ethInternal and this way it is working.

Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m sharing the screenshot of the Logger in case you know why it hasn’t been working for me with the mappView client conecction

Thank you very much!

happy to help you :slight_smile:

there is only basic logger shown, you have to select/check all of them or at least communication and visualization logger in the window on the left. But you do not need to share it here anymore since your problem is fixed. This is just information for you for next time :wink: