Question about AR Error Handling

Hi Community,

I have a question about how to achieve error handling in B&R automation runtime, especially programming errors.

If you use SIEMENS PLCs, you can use OB80 - 88 to “prepare” your program for potential software and hardware issues.

If you use Rockwell PLCs, you can create routines scheduled in the controller fault handler tasks to do similar things

I wonder how do you do similar things in B&R Automation Runtime? Also, follow up questions are welcomed if I haven’t made my question clear enough.

Thank you for your help.

Hi Community,

I might be able to answer this question myself at a basic level, definitely still need more information from the experts.

In the PLC resource setting of the physical view, you and enable exception tasks which allows you to write error handling program.

Haven’t tried it yet but I think this is the way to go.


You are right about the Exception Tasks, which you can enable and use to react to some errors. Page faults, division by zero, cycle time violations etc…

These can’t prevent all restarts, but allow some control. As an example for Cycle time violations it is possible to prevent the restart, but a page fault will always result in a restart of the system.

You can read more about them in Automation Help, link below.
Automation Help: Exception task class