Question about AS updates

I have AS 4.11 installed. My question is about two updates:

  1. the B&R Website Update wants to update Automation Help English and
  2. Automation Studio SP

Please see the screenshot:

I downloaded both updates and placed the updates in a local folder and tried the local update.

  1. now Automation Help English can’t be updated, the error is: “A newer version of this upgrade has already been installed”.
  2. Automation Studio SP can be installed but a newer Version Automation Studio SP is already installed.

Please see the screenshot.

My questions:

  1. why will the B&R Website updater update an already installed “Automation Help English” but the local updater knows that this update is already installed?
  2. Why will the B&R Website updater install an older Automation Studio SP when the newer Automation Studio SP is already installed?

BTW, I don’t care about the German help system, I uninstalled the German Help but the B&R Website updater always wants to update the German Help system.

Regards Walter

Hi, try to delete files in your C:\Temp\Local and and C:\BrAutomation\AS411\Upgrades\Upgradeindex.xml. If this does not help, then you will need to contact local support.



removing this files solved the issue. Thank you.