Where can I get old version components for AS4.5.5

I work in a branch of multinational company based in USA, all projects are developed in Italy, we have machines developed with AS 4.5.5, normally my colleagues sent me the project back up but when I try to open it the version mismatch popup come up, do anyone have idea where can I get the exactly version of those components? I have already downloaded 2 from B&R webpage but the others I cannot find them, I am not authorized to update the project, this only must be made by the Italian headquarter.

if you do not find them on our webpage (these are quite old), contact support of your local B&R office and they will send it to you.



in addition to Jaroslavs answer, I recommend my customers always to provide upgrades from series projects also via the companys intranet on a file server or so (uprades are always own packages delivered as a “packed executable”).

Doing so, every developer can access and install the used/needed upgrades via Automation Studio from a local storage.

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They can also share the required upgrades if they save the project as ZIP with upgrades. When you try to open the project ZIP file with Automation Studio it should offer the included upgrades to be installed.

So use the “Save Project as Zip…” option to include the Upgrades.


thanks everyone, I already sent an email to our local B&R office, waiting for any answer, I’m contacting our colleagues in Italy to save the project as Zip…, I let you know the results.

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Update: I installed the AS4.7 because I received another project today, then the Automation studio upgrade was able to connect to the server, I selected the option all version and I found the version that I need, but every time that I tried to download one pop up appear mentioned that I do not have internet connection, then I clicked in the description and one webpage opened with the file to download.

now I can open the project.

Hope this helps more people.