Why AS upgrade dialog doesn´t show latest versions

Dear all,

I just wanted to install the newest mappSafety which is 5.24 at the moment. But the Upgrades dialog in AS doesn´t show any Technology Packages higher that 5.20.1 even they are available!
Download and installing them manually is working.

I have the newest AS installed.

Does I miss something?

First you can check if the upgrade gets shown with the “Show upgrades already installed”

Already Installed Upgrades are located in the Folder
Global: …AS\Upgrades
Studio spezific: …AS{Version}\Upgrades

In the past there were sometimes issues with the Upgrade Service which could be fixed with these steps.

Solution AS Upgrades not up to date

1) Close all instances of AS

2) Stop all B&R Upgrade Services (Taskmanager Dienste BrUpgrSrvAs)


3) Delete everything in C:\Temp

4) Start one B&R Upgrade Service of the AS version you want to test, latest installed AS version

5) Wait 1-2 minutes to allow the service to download the upgrades list from the homepage

6) Check contents of C:\Temp and subfolders and compare them to a working PC

==> If there is no “asupgrades.xml” or “addons.xml” then something on the customers PC is blocking our service


7) Start AS explicitely as Admin



Removing C:\temp and restarting the upgrade service did the job!

Many thanks :+1:

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