Upgrade services does not work

Hello comunity,
When i try to install the upgrades, it comes out this window:

Also during the installation of Automation Studio it comes out a pop-up that says that the Upgrade service doesn’t manage to start(and I think that is linked with the previous problem).

So basecally the problem is how can I start manually the “B&R Upgrades Service” to install the Upgrades?

Information of the installation:
-Automation studio version: 4.12
-System: Windows 11 (64 bit)

Thank you

Hello Alessandro, welcome to the B&R Community!

Not sure why the service wouldn’t start automatically but you can check your Task Manager under Services. If the service for AS412 is not started try starting it manually.


Thanks for the answer.
But when i try to start the service manually, there is an authorization error (error 5):

In the pop up there is written : “Impossible starting B&R Upgrade service for AS412 on local Computer. Error 5 Denied access”

Basecally, it seems that is a problem of authorization, so how can I solve this?



it seems that your current active Windows user does not have the right to change service settings, the error message “error 5 access denied” is directly thrown by Windows.
Does your Windows user have local admin rights?

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I have managed to solve the problem, Thanks for the suggestion.

Best regards

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Would it be possible to share the solution you found? This may help someone else in the future!

Basically, I went in the properties of the service (right click in B&R upgrade service of the previous photo). And here I enabled the comunication with the desktop (because I have the installation file in the desktop)

And after these the US have started working